Lowered Springs

Lowering Springs

Available for all Jaguar models.  Lowering the vehicle by 25mm and followed up by a full geometry set up and 4–wheel alignment. The kit will utilise the existing dampers.  By lowering the ride height you also lower the center of gravity making the vehicle more agile which results in improved handling and enhances the overall look.  Prices start from £625 + VAT supplied and fitted.



Nitron Coilover Suspension

Nitron XKR Suspension

Exclusively available only through Tom Lenthall Ltd the Nitron coilover suspension is the ultimate suspension upgrade to your XK8/R (X100 1996 to 2005).  This will give you a greater scope for set up for either fast road or track application and once installed we will then carry out a full geometry set up to you specific requirements including ride height etc. The kit is complete and requires only the spring pan from your original set up. This kit works with the non-adaptive suspension and we now have a kit available for vehicles with CATS.  We don't supply electronic dampers, we just supply an electrical kit so you don't have messages displayed indicating a suspension fault.  The price for the kit is £2,595 + VAT supplied and fitted including a full geometry set up.



Poly Bushes

Suspension bushes are some of the most highly stressed components fitted to a motor vehicle.  These undergo enormous stress and strain and in the most arduous conditions with no maintenance or lubrication. The original material they are manufactured from is a rubber compound containing natural products which deteriorate with age. They become softer and more pliable and this allows more and more movement of suspension components and offers less and less control over the suspension geometry.  Fitting polybushes can increase the stiffness of the vehicle and this can be an improvement or up to 25% over the original spec components resulting in crisper steering and handling over stock.  Prices available upon request.


Geometry Set Up

Handling Kit

This will be a full geometry and 4-wheel alignment service which can be offered on both OEM setup and also our tailored handling packages. This is essential to achieving the best possible handling of your vehicle, even with the best of equipment fitted, if it hasn't been set up correctly you will not achieve the vehicle's full potential. Prices start from £65 + VAT.







Restoration work was caried out on this XK8.

What sets Tom Lenthall apart for me is the time they take to explain the "what, where and how" as well as the ability to be shown what`s been done and being done when you take the car in for anything from a service through to a complete gearbox or differential rebuild.

Craig G
Jaguar owner

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