Tom Lenthall Ltd can offer performance upgrades from making small modifications to your Supercharger to a complete engine rebuild induction modification and bespoke exhaust systems & ECM remapping services. 


Supercharger Top Pulley

Modified Supercharger PulleyModified Supercharger Pulley

We have our own Supercharger pulleys manufactured for all Jaguars fitted with the 3.0l, 4.0l, 4.2l & the 5.0l V8 supercharged engines. This will improve your power output by 20+ bhp through the mid-range and even more if complimented with an ECM remap. Modified Supercharger Pulleys supplied & fitted from £300 + VAT



Supercharger Upgrade

Kenne Bell Supercharger UpgradeSupercharger Upgrade Conversion

We can offer a replacement Kenne Bell Supercharger. This upgrade is for the more dedicated enthusiast. It is a major modification which includes a much higher output Supercharger, replacement 90ml throttle body, bespoke carbon fibre induction kit & 85ml airflow meter.

Depending on model and spec we can also offer a stand alone engine management system to get the very best out of this conversion.

We have had figures on the dyno approaching 600bhp. The kit starts from £5,500 + VAT (depending on spec). At the moment this kit is only available for 4.0l  & 4.2l cars. 


Charge Cooler Radiator

Charge Cooler RadiatorRadiator Upgrades

We can offer a replacement charge cooler radiator. This gives increased cooling to the Supercharger charge coolers. The lower the temperature of the air being inducted into the engine, the more power we gain. This setup also comes with a higher flow electric water pump. The combination of greater surface area and higher flow pump will bring down the temperature of the charge coolers significantly and this setup is required with any substantial Supercharger modifications. Kits start from £650 + VAT.


Induction Kit

Carbon Dynamic AirboxInduction Kit Upgrade

Carbon dynamic cold air induction kit allows your engine to breathe more thus increasing the power. We can also offer a straight forward K&N panel filter as a direct replacement for your standard air filter. Induction kits supplied & fitted start from £75.00 + VAT.


ECM Remapping

Power GraphsIncreased power output

We are able to offer an ECM remapping service. We can offer maps to increase power & torque output for performance and to give increased fuel economy. Mapping is most effective on Supercharged vehicles and turbo charged vehicles. We are able to map both petrol & diesel vehicles.

If you require improved performance we have several different maps, depending on your vehicle's state of tune. It is always best to decide what modifications you would like to make to your vehicle before the remapping process. Remapping Jaguars with forced induction engines has always been highly successful, giving impressive gains in the mid-range and top end. Prices from £360.00 + VAT.