Exhaust Systems

Exhaust Systems

Bespoke and off the shelf high performance exhaust systems available for every mark of Jaguar from 1950`s to present.  We make exhaust systems for C-Types & D-Types, XK120, XK140 & XK150`s, E-Types, Mk II`s, XK8/R`s and XJ8/R`s in fast road and race format.  Bespoke systems start from £1,000 + VAT.



Hi-flow Catalytic Converters

Hi-flow Catalytic Converters

We offer off the shelf Hi-Flow catalytic converters with 200 cells per square inch, which allows exhaust gasses to flow more freely.  They still do the same job as a standard 600 cell catalytic converter keeping the emission levels well within the MOT legal outputs.  When combined with a catback exhaust system and re-map, these will increase the performance of your Jaguar and can be fitted to XK8 and XKR 4.0l & 4.2l (X100 1996 to 2005)  XK and XKR 4.2l and 5.0l (X150 2006 to 2014), XJ8/R and S-Type R models. Prices start from £895 + VAT.


Milltek Stainless Steel Performance Exhausts

Stainless Steel Performance Exhausts

We offer off the shelf performance exhaust system which releases the full potential of the V8 exhaust. Systems are available in high or low decibel format.  This Milltek system is for the steel bodied Jaguar XK8 and XKR 4.0l & 4.2l (X100 1996 to 2005).  We can also offer this system for the XK and XKR 4.2l and 5.0l (X150 2006 to 2014). Prices start from £800 + VAT




Restoration work was caried out on this XK8.

What sets Tom Lenthall apart for me is the time they take to explain the "what, where and how" as well as the ability to be shown what`s been done and being done when you take the car in for anything from a service through to a complete gearbox or differential rebuild.

Craig G
Jaguar owner

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