Tom Lenthall Ltd can offer bespoke engine building and standard replacement engines offering the customer a wide range of options to suit needs. We have in the past built everything from XK120 engines through to 5.0l Supercharged engine for the current Jaguar range.


XK 3.8l Straight Six Fast Road Engine

We can build these engines in standard format from £3,000.00 + VAT. This particular engine has a high specification including the following; ported & polished cylinder heads, re-profiled camshafts, forged pistons with Arrow conrods and a lightened & balanced crank shaft producing around 280-300bhp. We can also offer this engine in both road or race format depending on your requirements. Please feel free to call us to discuss your requirements further.


Daimler 2.5l V8 Fast Road Engine

Daimler EngineDaimler Engine Rebuild

We built this engine for a rare Daimler MKII manual. Very few of these were put into production and the purr of the engine is a joy to drive with the manual gearbox. We ported & polished the cylinder heads and balanced the crank shaft to give the V8 a smooth running and improved low down torque. Pricing from £3,500 + VAT.


AJ V8 4.0l & 5.0l Normally Aspirated & Supercharged

There are so many variants of standard and non-standard engines. For the standard reconditioned engine prices start from £3,000 + VAT.  For a more high spec engine which can come with polished & ported heads, re-profiled camshafts as well as forged pistons and lightened crank shaft which we have had around 600bhp out of these engines. For the more bespoke engine prices start from around £6,000 + VAT.